Belmont Park Coaster Terrace Summer Wedding

Belmont Park. Mission Beach, Ca

August 15, 2020

Where do I begin? The day began with me arriving to Jocelyne’s parents home where I found the most giddy and collected bride I have ever seen 😭 as we listened to the most perfect romantic but calming playlist, she did her own makeup and then her mama did her hair. All while being accompanied by the sweetest giggles shared among all of the women closest and dearest to her. She, her sister, niece and I hopped in the car and laughed together as we drove her down to San Diego where she would see her groom for the first time. Screw the anxiety and panic the world is in, she had an equally excited groom awaiting her at Mission Bay.

We find Steve... anxiously awaiting his bride staring off to the bay not know what she’ll look like but she could wear literally anything and Jocelyne would still be the most beautiful girl in the world. From the minute she walked up behind him for their first look, they were both in giggles and experiencing pure joy because this is it... its finally happening.

I stood by as I witnessed my friends SO IN LOVE they couldn’t stop smiling and holding on to each other. I shed a few tears that I won’t admit to because its truly an extra special experience when its your friends wedding day.

After lots of giggles, kisses, you name it we headed to Belmont Park where only their closest family & friends awaited them on a rooftop overlooking the ocean. These two said I DO!! We laughed with friends and family until it got dark and made our way back to Temecula for the most perfect intimate backyard reception with their closest family members.

We cried together as we watched the engagement video@abxlife/@yugenfilmssput together from our roadtrip back in February compiled with memories that have come from the span of their relationship. We ate Italian food among twinkly lights and watched as they danced together and connected with their loved ones.

This wasn’t the day they had planned. But it was their day. They chose each other. They chose love.

I love you both so much 💛 Thank you for letting me capture pieces of your love story. It means the world to me! Xo, Meggy