Noemi & Isaiah

Vasquez Rocks, Agua Dulce, Ca

December 1, 2020

When these two told me they wanted to do their engagement session at Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce tucked away in beautiful Southern California, I had no idea how freaking cool it was about to be. Little did I know that things like Star Trek and the Flintstones, among others, were filmed here so yes, I was an absolute fangirl over being able to photograph one of my couples love stories at the same place so many great films came to life. Okay but enough about my moment of glee, these two are HOT!

Before they made things "official" they had actually been friends already. Isaiah was friends with Noemi's twin sister and neither of them saw this love story unfolding. After time growing together, Isaiah knew this was the woman he was going to be eternally bound to. So he made plans to take Noemi to the Huntington Library with some friends, and her daughter Amerie to go explore the Japanese Garden together. It was just about time to go home, when Isaiah asked to take one last picture and before Noemi knew it Isaiah was down on one knee, with his hands shaking. "Will you marry me Noemi?" Noemi obviously said YES! and hugged him extra tight, to see both of their moms pop out behind a small tree to surprise her. Little did she know that the surprise didn't end there, when they got home there was a whole engagement party set up for them when they got home!

I had so much fun celebrating their engagement with him, at one of the most beautiful places I have seen in SoCal. I literally cannot wait to capture their wedding in 2021!